The vestibular system is part of the inner ear and it is involved in the detection and transmission of information concerning the balance and spatial position of the head.

In this ongoing collaboration with the laboratory of Francois Lallemend, Karolinska Institutet Department of Neuroscience, we are investigating the neuronal topography of the vestibular ganglion in 3D and the projections of various vestibular ganglion neuronal subpopulations towards the utriculus or sacculus or the three semicircular canals in the mouse inner ear. For the study, we apply reporter mouse lines.

Video demonstrations of the mouse inner ear are available here.

Neurons of the mouse vestibular ganglion (red, parvalbumnin) and a subpopulation of vestibular neurons with preferential projections to the utriculus and sacculus (RFP staining, gray). (Volume immunostaining: Paula Fontanet. Light sheet microscopy imaging: Csaba Adori. Images are from the master thesis of Arpoudamarie Roc ).