The study of Ming-Dong Zhang et al. examined the role of the NECAB2 (N-terminal EF-hand Ca2+-binding protein 2) Ca2+-sensor protein in the modulation of glutamate release during pain signals in the dorsal root ganglia. 

The paper that was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigations in 2018 concludes that NECAB2 is a critical component of the pronociceptive pain signalling, whose inactivation offers substantial pain relief. 

We showed NECAB2 volume immunostaining in the mouse spinal cord, as a collaborative partner in the study. 

Volume immunostaining of NECAB2 in the pons-cervical spinal cord (A, C) and in the lumbar spinal cord (B, D) from WT (A and B) and Hoxb8-Flp:Necab2(tm1a) mice (C and D). (From Ming-Dong Z et. al 2018.)